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[airfrov]Airfrov website & apps to shut down for good on Apr. 1, 2021

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  Local e-commerce platform Airfrov has announced its closure on Mar. 1, 2021.

  The online platform helps to match Singaporean travellers with extra luggage space to locals who wish to purchase things from overseas.

  Airfrov announced on its social media platforms that its website and app will be “shutting for good” from Apr. 1 on, citing the Covid-19 pandemic, and its impact on international travel, as the reason for closure.

  ”There’s no other easy way to put it, but it just does not make sense for Airfrov to continue with global travel still badly hit by COVID-19.”

  Airfrov will stop taking in new requests from Mar. 1 and any pre-orders taken for Apr. 1 onwards will be cancelled and refunded.

  Travellers are expected to deliver any outstanding requests in March and to receive their disbursement as per usual, Airfrov said.

  Any outstanding disbursement will still be carried out after Apr. 1.

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