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[draenor map]How to get Valor Points in WoW Shadowlands

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  World of Warcraft has seen the return of Valor Points, the fan-favorite in-game currency. What’s all the hype about, though? This guide explains exactly what Valor Points are, how to get them, and how to use them.

  Initially scrapped in the game all the way back in the 2014 expansion Warlords of Draenor, World of Warcraft’s Valor Points were a fan-favorite aspect of the in-game interface. Their removal was quite the shock for WoW fans across Azeroth.

  Shadowlands, however, hasn’t just brought us a whole host of new content, it has resurrected our favorite currency with Patch 9.0.5 and the upcoming patch of 9.1.0, which is currently in testing on the PTR. Here’s everything you need to know about the elusive Valor Points, including what they are, where to get them, and what they can do.


  YouTube: World of WarcaftShadowlands has brought with it a welcome surprise!

  Valor Points are basically the platinum currency of World of Warcraft. Only dropped when participating in PvE encounters, Valor Points let you upgrade any item that drops during your dungeon adventures.

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  The reintroduction of the points has seen some changes to the system, however, as they can only be obtained through Mythic+ PvE encounters or Callings. Originally they were dropped in Heroic dungeons and raids, but that’s no longer the case.

  As mentioned, Valor Points are obtained through Mythic+ Dungeons and from Covenant Callings in Shadowlands. Importantly, there’s a cap on the amount of Valor Points you can get per week, though, to try and ensure an even spread.


  To complete all eight Shadowlands Dungeons, just gather a team and travel across to them, but ensure that you have the level difficulty set to Mythic+ before you start grinding away. Whilst battling it out against the terrifying inhabitants, you’ll be picking up upgradable items and points along the way.

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  For the Covenant Callings, make sure that you’ve selected your Covenant so that you can get these quests. The three-day quests are offered in addition to your usual two Weekly Quests and are unique to whichever Covenant you have chosen to join. Completing the Calling will earn you even more Points.


  With the latest patch, the weekly Valor Points cap will start at a cap of 5000 in the first week, increasing by 750 Valor from then on for each week.

  There are a couple of handy places you can head to in order to spend your hard-earned Valor:

  Oribos: Agressor Zo’dash at 34.55, 56.55

  Covenant Halls: You can also spend your Valor within your Covenant Hall, too. Head over to the Upgrade at your Covenant’s location to upgrade or spend.

  The Necrotic Wake in Shadowlands, showing a Kyrian attacking an enemy force.The Necrotic Wake in Shadowlands, showing a Kyrian attacking an enemy force.Activision-BlizzardThe Necrotic Wake one of Shadowlands’ eight dungeons.

  Completing all of the Mythic Keystone dungeons will earn you upgrades up to Item Level 200, but in order to reach 207 you’ll have to complete all them on Mythic + 5.

  If you get the “Keystone Conqueror” achievement you’ll be able to level even higher to 213, and a final tier exists with the “Keystone Master” unlocks 220.