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These Wii games will offer many hours of enjoyment to those still enjoying Nintendo’s unique console.

By Stephen Lagioia

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When people think of the Nintendo Wii, it’s usually not elaborate or epic titles that come to mind. The console has largely built its reputation on smaller, pick-up-and-play romps, many of which can be breezed through fairly quickly.

Yet, there are some surprisingly dense, massive titles on the console,?even when disregarding games that lean on replay value such as Wii Sports, Mario Kart Wii, or Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

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Here we highlight some of the very longest games on the console, primarily focusing on the core campaigns and take a look at how long they take to beat.


Fishing Resort Wii lesson casting fishing rod

Yes, strangely enough, one of Wii’s most robust titles revolves around the passive,?subdued act of catching fish. Even more interesting is the man behind the project, Yuji Naka, who happens to be the creator of Sonic.

As one might guess, the game takes a slow, simplistic approach, but actually makes for a joyful ! as well as relaxing ! experience on Wii. This is partly thanks to the intuitive motion controls of Wii MotionPlus, which excel in emulating the movements and feel of a fishing rod.

The slow-paced nature of this recreational romp partly explains its hefty runtime, which can take a whopping 330 hours for completionists! Though much of this longevity also stems from its vast, explorable oceans, 200 catchable fish, and eight unique areas.

Hyrule Field in Twilight Princess

Though it may be overshadowed by its younger brother on Switch, there was a time not long ago when this Wii and GameCube game was the most epic Zelda title. It arguably remains one of the darkest and more realistic, captivating players with its polished, cinematic visuals and shadowy themes.

With a slew of intricate dungeons, ample combat, and semi open-worlds, players can spend almost 40 hours adventuring with Link and Midna. Those who wish to leave no stone unturned and further explore the depths of Hyrule and the Twilight Realm can tack on another 2o hours.


Statue of the goddess image

This exhilarating adventure on Wii saw reborn hype with the announcement of an HD remaster on Switch. But even in its relatively more archaic form, Skyward Sword remains one of Wii’s deepest, most enthralling titles.

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The atmospheric locales, rich cinematics, clever puzzles, and rewarding combat helped this 2011 hit soar to lofty heights and revitalized the Wii as it neared its heyday. And while not as renowned as its predecessor, it’s generally seen as outshining Twilight Princess with regards to the more nuanced combat. These refined controls come courtesy of Wii MotionPlus.

Skyward Sword also inches ahead a bit in terms of overall content, taking 58 hours for completionists.

Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn Wii standing in dungeon

The Fire Emblem series has long been one of Nintendo’s more intricate ! and some might say “hardcore” ! gaming franchises. Nintendo and Intelligent Systems keep this tradition going with one of Wii’s richest titles, as well as one of its toughest. The addictive combat and exploration prove dense, as does the?plot, which deals with political strife and warring factions.

Being a rare tactical RPG on the platform, Radiant Dawn gives?these medieval-inspired figures another place to shine outside of just being some of the preferred fighters among Smash Bros. players. Even if deaths are kept at a minimum, players can expect to put in close to 60 hours to 100% this one.


Though technically three games in one compilation, the entirety of Samus’ epic trilogy will take close to 46 hours to complete. It will take at least 68 to explore the vast extra-terrestrial landscapes and nab each of the countless power-ups to augment the space bounty hunter.

Though this seems lengthy, players will find time flying by in this immersive FPS adventure, which entices with sleek graphics and a stellar soundtrack. While the presentation draws in Metroid fans and newcomers alike, the gameplay keeps them hooked. This includes satisfying action-laced combat, a rewarding progression system, and wondrous locales that beckon exploration.

L'Arc, Adele and Alf from Arc Rise Fantasia mid-battle

Thematic JRPG tropes aside, there’s much to like about this lavish adventure, which?fell under the radar in favor of hits like Xenoblade and The Last Story.

Imageepoch and Marvelous Entertainment?balance modern cinematic flair and vibrant visuals with a more traditional style of turn-based combat. Still, this retro style doesn’t imply a lack of depth ! far from it. Various actions and resourceful use of an AP gauge dictate how a battle will play out.

These concepts give Arc Rise’s combat a more tactical feel, which, along with its vast worlds and memorable writing, adds some staying power. This is a relief, as the game can comprise a whopping?80 hours?for completionists.


Lagiacrus Monster Hunter Tri on land

Nowadays, the popular Japanese franchise has become a mainstay on Nintendo platforms in the West, being just one of Switch’s many robust franchises. Many years back though, this monster-slaying ARPG towered above most other Wii games in terms of content and its deep, free-flowing gameplay.

Like its predecessors, this refined sequel often makes hunters work for their kills, tasking them with gathering materials to craft suitable armor to aid in slaying huge beasts. These intense battles encourage players to team up with friends, and indeed, this is where Monster Hunter Tri shines most.

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It can be enjoyed in its entirety when flying solo, though expect it to take even longer than the already massive?330 hours?to completely finish this journey.

People now largely know Animal Crossing for the endlessly appealing Switch installment, New Horizons but the series also made quite the impression on the Wii’s library, albeit a more subdued one. This charming life simulator amps up the?content even more with its online play, steering the franchise in a more social direction that it wouldn’t turn from.

WiiConnect24 functionality allows?City Folk to take on a?dynamic feel more in the spirit of its organic themes. This, coupled with the range of events, activities, and customizations makes City Folk’s gameplay verge on endless. And considering the bulk of the content takes well over?473 hours?to absorb completely, it might as well be!


The fact that the Switch remaster remains one of the most lavish, appealing games on the platform is a testament to how timeless this RPG epic is. Monolith Soft captivates with uniquely wondrous worlds, which take the form of dueling colossal titans. The contrast of the organic Bionis and industrial Mechonis only adds to the rich, diverse nature of the game, and keeps players engaged.

But its main draw ! along with some great performances and a gripping story ! is its enjoyable combat, which fuses action with strategy. At the center of this is the iconic super-sword wielded by Shulk, the Monado.

Players will need at least?160 hours?to achieve what would be considered a 100% completion of this beast.

Rune Factory Frontier Wii green wilderness woodland

Though not the largest in terms of overall content, this elaborate RPG offers the largest campaign of any other Wii game, and it’s not even that close.

Like most in the series, Rune Factory Frontier blends the free-form gameplay of simulators and management romps with the exploration and combat of a standard RPG. As a result, there’s a seemingly endless bounty of things to do in this expansive journey. Between the vast dungeon-crawling, farm tending, and item gathering, Players can easily spend dozens of hours getting lost in this delightful game.

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