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  Unique Battle Grafts vastly surpass other kinds in combat potential due to possessing overpowered passive effects. Here are the best ones!

  By Reyadh Rahaman

  Published Jun 25, 2021


  sal on a poster for the brawl mode in the game with the five best unique battle grafts on a star.

  Those seeking to make their way in the harsh world of?Griftlands by Canadian indie developer Klei Entertainment will need to make use of every possible advantage, such as Battle Grafts that grant great passive effects, to both survive and thrive, especially in the beginning portion of the game that follows Sal’s vengeance plot against her old enemy Kashio.

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  However, after players exact their revenge on the antagonist in one of Sal’s story modes, they will unlock Brawl mode, where they can face a gauntlet of negotiations and battles. With this onslaught comes some new features, like Unique Battle Grafts that often vastly surpass other Battle Grafts in combat potential due to possessing passive effects that can allow a grifter to become an unstoppable force.


  battle graft that summons pets in battle and looks like a chain collar.

  At the start of each battle, a random creature joins your team for the duration of the battle

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  Training, upgrading, and healing a pet is very expensive and will usually take up most of the player’s money if they are determined to have the best possible permanent companion.

  However, the Void Chain guarantees that one will have an ally that will divide the attention of enemies (for free!), and, as a result, cause foes to attack Sal less, which is immensely helpful in all battles. Furthermore, there is no accountability or guilt if the summoned creature dies, as one did not have to invest any resources to obtain them.

  battle graft that looks like yellow plate with a gem that helps gain actions in battle.

  At the start of each turn, gain 1 action for every 6 cards in your discard pile

  Gaining free actions to spend on higher-cost cards in battle is easily the best general tactic for every build, and the Tomb Relic allows Sal to do so with varying degrees of potency. The effect of this Battle Graft will only activate when the player has 6 or more cards in their discard pile, so one will need to keep track of this variable to plan their attacks and maneuvers accordingly.

  Players with this Battle Graft can be a bit more liberal with the number of cards in their deck and the average cost of each, as the Tomb Relic enables strategies that accommodate higher kinds of both.


  battle graft that is a shiny piece of pink glass that lets players keep defense between turns.

  Defense is halved instead of removed at the start of your turn

  Usually, players can only protect themselves with the Defense that they gather on the turn that they play a card that grants some Defense, however, the Merged Glass Battle Graft lets the player retain half of the Defense gathered on the previous turn.

  If the enemy does not take out all of that Defense prior to Sal’s next turn, she can stack up even more protection to shrug off more incoming damage;?an invaluable tactic against enemies and bosses with predictable yet devastating charge attacks.

  hook-shaped graft that lets one draw and play ability cards for free.

  At the start of each battle, Improvise+ a random Ability card that will cost 0 until played

  Improvising means playing a card in Sal’s hand after drawing?3 specific ones from a predetermined list, with the plus (+) version of this effect granting the chance to select from 5 cards instead of 3. This is normally a handy trait that is better suited to decks built around the Improvise mechanic, however, the fact that the Ether Hook targets rare and action-expensive Ability cards can let players string together tremendously overpowered strategies.

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  The reason Ability cards are so rare and expensive to play in battle is for balance that deters gamers from stacking a ton of passive effects to become some sort of super-grifter. With the Ether Hook, Sal can somewhat ignore this notion and?insert?a couple more high-cost Ability cards into her deck to draw and play one for free at the start of every physical confrontation.


  best unique battle graft that looks like fancy nunchuks that double each card played.

  The first card you play each turn is played twice

  Playing any card twice at the beginning of each turn is overwhelmingly powerful, as players can double-up on Abilities, attacks, and maneuvers of any kind. The simplicity lends the Torrid Clone’s effect to very satisfying versatility that can enhance literally any build that one can imagine.

  At any given point, players can unleash attacks at 200% power, protect themselves with a wall of Defense twice as thick, or even stack Abilities for much greater passive potency that can further increase the potential of every attack and maneuver.

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