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Frogun Retro platformer Frogun has hopped onto Kickstarter, and met its funding goal within two hours.

There¨s something endearingly daft about this platformer, designed to ape N64 and Playstation 1 era games. Your protagonist roams around various levels, using a bizarre frog/gun hybrid to pull objects closer to her, gather treasure, all the sorts of things that would give PETA a heart attack.

In fact, the more we think about it, the more questions this raises. Is the titular Frogun made from an actual frog? Is the gun sentient? Was David Cronenberg involved in the design of this game? Frogun¨s Kickstarter doesn¨t answer any of those questions, but the game does look gorgeous in action and makes us yearn for the days when SSD gaming was the stuff of a madman¨s dreams.


Right now, you can download Frogun¨s PC demo, though designer Ra┣l Mart┴nez hopes to bring the final game to PC, Playstation, Xbox and Switch. The way things are going, however, we¨ve the feeling he¨ll run out of stretch goals. Right now, the Kickstarter has nearly tripled its $6,000 target and there are 28 days to go!

You can check out the above trailer, download the demo from the Kickstarter page, and Kickstart Frogun right now.