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[Madden 21 Jets]Lightning Hunter captures instantaneous illumination events formed and shot into space in the atmosphere

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  We are familiar with lightning with storm.Although these lightning originated from the storm cloud and attacked downwards,But there is a more difficult type to form in the atmosphere.And shot to space.ThenWhen the satellite runs directly above,Some people shoot these very few, short “instantaneous glow events” at the same time.And leave its characteristics in the satellite data,How big is this possible?


  The possibility of this situation seems quite small,but,Surprisingly,A observer Martin Pongk, Czech Atmospheric Physics Research Institute,At the same time, it is also a fanatical “lightning hunter”.Photographs of these instantaneous glow events have been photographed.Data is in detail to not only match the measurement of Swarm satellite mission in the EUCT San,And it is also in line with the record on the ground.This unusual tripartite has led to how to better understand how this type of light is spread to space.In addition,These new findings may improve the scientific model of ionization layers in the upper layer of the earth.


  Village photographed near Nydek, Czech Republic

  The instantaneous lighting event is an optical phenomenon that happens at the high atmosphere.They are related to electricity activities in potential thunderstorms.They are very short,Duration is less than one millisecond to two seconds,And I’ve seen very little from the ground.Usually only sensitive photographic devices can capture them,and,Because they have a weak light,Can only take a photo at night.

  According to the instantaneous luminescence event different from the appearance,They are named by image,Such as sprites, jets, and elves,Every type has its own characteristics.E.g,”Sprites” is a large discharge,The height of 50-90 km occurs.On the large thunderstorm system.They behave as big and weak red flash,It is usually happening simultaneously with the clouds we all know.

  Scientists have long been interested in the spread of lightning that spread to higher places in the ionization layer.Ionosphere is a very active part of the atmosphere.The energy absorbed from the sun is reacted.The gas in the ionization layer is excited by solar radiation.The ions having a charge are formed.


  A paper recently published in the Earth Physics Research Enterprise describes how scientists from the Polish Research Center uses magnetic field data from the European Swarm satellite group, from the glittering observation of the earth’s still lightning color depicting instrument and the world from the groundLow frequency radiation positioning array (WERA),Provides evidence for the connection between the instantaneous light emitting event and the magnetic field fluctuation of the ionization layer.

  EWA SLOMinska, a small company in cooperation with the Polish Space Research Center: “Lightning can produce fluctuations in ultra-low frequencies.Leak to the upper part of the ionization layer.This means that some lightning is very powerful,So that the disturbance of the Earth’s magnetic field is triggered.And spread from thunderstorms, hundreds of kilometers,Reaching the height of the Swarm track.Although Swarm’s main goal is to measure the slow change of the magnetic field,But very obvious,This task can also detect fast fluctuations in the magnetic field.however,Swarm can only do this only in one of the satellites close to the active thunderstorm and the lightning is strong enough.”


  Sprites phenomenon and English fairy meteor rain near Nydek near Nydek, Czech Republic

  One of the members of the scientific group Martin Pongke is keen to capture these uncommon phenomena with the camera.His photos have proven to be very valuable to high-rise atmosphere research.Because they are consistent with the measurements of SWARM and ground arrays.

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