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[Sonic Runners Adventure – Fast Action Platformer]Sonic Runners Adventure tips, tricks, and strategies to go fast

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  We’ve been going fast with our buddy Sonic and his friends on platform after platform since retro gaming. And now that we can carry hedgehogs around in our pockets, the endless runner genre is a match made in Green Hill Zone for Sonic fans. Sonic Runners Adventure won’t do much to surprise you, but it will test your Sonic mettle whether you’re a casual player or someone looking to memorize and master courses as you would in an old-school title. In either case, these tips and tricks should help you get started running with Sonic…and probably never stop!

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  The Buddy SystemTrust the rings……except when you can’tRinse and repeat

  This may seem obvious, but as soon as you’re introduced to buddies, you should never do a level without them. Early on, you won’t have too many buddies to choose from, and the ones you have will only affect item usage. But keep playing, and eventually, you’ll have the rings to unlock other buddies. Chip is great if you’re struggling to survive, and there are also multiple buddies who will help you up your ring counts. Buddies are an invaluable tool in Sonic Runners Adventure and it’s worth paying out the rings early to get one that will help you achieve your goals.

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  One of the most difficult hurdles to overcome for new players is the desire to just jump constantly to avoid things. Especially in the latter halves of a level, things will be moving fast enough that you might struggle to keep up with the screen, causing you to jump anytime you see anything coming at you. It takes work to learn to trust where the rings take you. If you follow the paths of the rings closely, you’ll almost always know what to do. They’ll path you neatly over obstacles and enemies and guide you to foes you can jump on to bypass obstacles. It may be tough to get into a good flow, but once you’re there, the paths should come naturally to you.

  And yet, sometimes the rings will lead you astray. This is especially true if you hit an obstacle and lose your speed. Getting back on track can be tough in areas with a lot of enemies when you haven’t built up enough speed yet to properly clear them by following the rings. If you get hit, your first goal should be to make sure you have enough rings to withstand being hit again so you can continue. As long as you have rings, haven’t stopped completely, and aren’t in a pit, you can keep going. If you hit spikes or foes, jump quickly to move on and grab the first rings you see.

  And if you’re struggling, my anecdotal experience is that the lower path is almost always the safest and easiest one, while higher up paths include more enemies, trickier jumps, and the risk of not knowing what’s below you.

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  Sonic Runners Adventure?isn’t just another mobile endless runner. It’s still very much a Sonic game, too. And the name of Sonic games since the beginning has been repetition. These games encourage you to repeat stages again and again to memorize them and collect rewards. They rarely expect you to get it right the first time or even the tenth.

  If you’re having trouble collecting rings to progress, want to go back and finish objectives, or just need practice, go back to the easier levels and do it! You can spend the rings on character upgrades to make later levels easier, and you’ll gain valuable skills that will help you overcome later challenges. And since Sonic Runners Adventure isn’t free-to-play, there are no currencies or time gates stopping you from doing a level as often as you like. The more you practice, the faster and further you and Sonic can go together.

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