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[Metroid: Zero Mission]Metroid Zero Mission Coming to Wii U Virtual Console

Update time:2021-07-14 19:16Tag:

  Nintendo has announced that the Game Boy Advance-only Metroid Zero Mission will be coming to the Wii U on January 14. The GBA was a Metroid fan’s dream come true. Beyond being able to play the original Metroid as an NES Classics re-release, you could also play the Game Boy-exclusive Metroid II (which has surprisingly never been remade). Metroid Fusion followed up on Super Metroid, which was also surprisingly never on the system, while Zero Mission acted as the definitive version of the original game.

  The story is retold with cinematics instead of a vague opening text crawl and the adventure itself has been rebuilt from brick one. Controls are far tighter, the graphics are vastly-improved, and you actually get a map! This means that it’s humanly possible to navigate the samey-looking corridors without either being frustrated or busting out graph paper to make your own maps. At only $7.99, it’s a fantastic deal and well-worth owning for anyone who missed out on the GBA release.